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Here is a limited list of accessibility services that we offer, and pricing (where standard).

Accessibility Documentation

Accessibility Check


Just want to know if your site is Accessible? We’ll run a check of your homepage (which is pretty reflective of your overall site status) and provide some general suggestions on what you can fix.

Color Evaluation


Want to know how your color scheme appears to all different types of visually impaired users? We’ll send you examples of low-vision, macular degeneration, and various forms of colorblindness, along with a recommendation on how to make it better without sacrificing your design.

Accessibility Development

WordPress Plugins

Need a feature built for your site that generates accessible code? Tell us what you need and we’ll provide a quote.

Accessible Development


Need your templates modified? Need new pages built with accessibility in mind? Need your web application or platform re-coded for accessibility?

Accessibility Development

On-Site Consulting

Starting at

Need a consultant on-site to coach and lead your team to develop a plan on getting your site accessible? We’re glad to come out!

Fill out the form by using the button below to tell us what you need, and we’ll get you an exact quote. Also, if you don’t have a report from us yet, let us know in the form and we’ll get one prepped so that we’re ready when we get there.

On-call consulting

Starting at:

Need a resource to reach out to during your development process to ensure everything stays accessibility? Fill out the form below to let us know what you need, and we’ll tailor a consulting package that’s right for you.

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