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WCAG Compliance

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act states that Federal agencies subject to section must meet the level A and AA standards of the WCAG 2.0 guidelines. Fill out this form to run a quick scan to check your compliance. Any ‘Errors’ returned will indicate non-compliance with at least one A or AA level guideline, while any ‘Warnings’ indicate something that needs review. WCAG 2.0 outlines standards for contrast requirements, and this scan will also return any contrast errors.

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Legal Issues?

Things got a little hairy with the DOJ’s last announcement, but there are still globally accepted guidelines to follow, and federal agencies are required to follow them. You can find out more about our legal documentation and processes, or get a basic compliance check (automatic) by filling out this form.


Run this basic WCAG compliance check to see where you stand.

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What We Can Do


Starting your design process with Accessibility in mind is the easiest way to arrive at an end product that meets the requirements.

We’re happy to do the design for you, or simply to review your design before development tarts to ensure you’re not going to end up with a a major re-do on your hands later.


Whether it’s the start of the development, or you need accessibility issues remedied on your existing site, we can help.

If your platform is built o nPHP on JavaScript, we can help!

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Regardless of how it was built, we can evaluate the end product and let you know if we find any accessibility issues on your site.

This is the first step in any remediation process, so please fill out this form to get started.

Legal Services

We’ve been through the legal process with clients before, and we’re here to provide help and insight all along the way.

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