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AccessibiliBuddy noun
ac·ces·si·bil·i·bud·dy | /əkˌsesəˈbiləˈbədē/
A friend who holds you accountable for the accessibility issues on your website.

Why we do it

Over the last few years, we’ve all been hearing a lot about Net Neutrality and the importance of keeping ALL of the internet accessible to EVERYONE. But, what about those of us who have trouble using the internet? Whether it’s an issue with seeing content, hearing audio content, or difficulty using a mouse and/or keyboard for navigation, it’s estimated that 18% of adult users have form of impairment that makes their online experience difficult in some way.

We decided that ALL of the internet SHOULD be accessible to everyone, and we set out to make that happen.

Most of the projects that we’re a part of aren’t extraordinarily extensive and don’t require a massive makeover. Since web accessibility on the page is more about code structure than anything else, a re-write of the template files is usually all that’s required. It’s so easy to do it right, it’s just time consuming (and therefore more expensive) and has never been a “part of the process”.

According to Recent Studies...

[quick_fact number=”17″ label=”%” title=”of Users are Visually Impaired”][/quick_fact][quick_fact number=”18″ label=”%” title=”of Users are Hearing Impaired”][/quick_fact]
[quick_fact number=”19″ label=”%” title=”of Users are Physically Impaired”][/quick_fact][quick_fact number=”5″ label=”%” title=”of Websites are Accessible”][/quick_fact]



We consider the current state of your site, work that would be needed to get it accessible, and what the goals of your organization are.


We feel that it’s important that both parties understand exactly what’s going to happen and why. This phase typically includes technical specifications, design mockups, and developing a timeline of getting your site accessible.


Once we’ve got the roadmap developed, we’ll start implementation. If we can make accessibility changes to live site to make it more accessible as we go, we will. If not, we’ll build the whole thing and then migrate your content and launch the new platform.