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History of Our Company – Part 1

Symbols for visual, hearing, physical, and mental impairment.The Accessibility Guidelines that they teach in colleges doesn’t even begin to cover what actually needs to be done. We’ve all been building websites for years that weren’t good enough. So when people started getting sued for non-compliance with the ADA (a new trend that the DOJ won’t issue an official statement on) we decided to dive in head-first and step our game up.

Everyone’s screaming about keeping the internet free (because of the idiocy surrounding Net Neutrality) but we decided to throw our voices in on the side of keeping the internet free for all. Our founder’s father is partially colorblind and he didn’t realize there was a science to keeping the entire internet visible for him. He just always thought that if he can’t see it, it must not be important.

This is the first post going up on this site, and we just wanted to let you know why we’re doing this. The next series of posts will walk you through what we’ve done to get this site accessible.

**If you’re thinking about suing us before we’re finished, please refer to our TOS page and realize that you can’t, and quit being such a Negative Nancy for the sake of lining your own pockets. Yes lawyer’s, I’m talking to you.**

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